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Is the admittance to VCCI limited to companies of the same corporation? Are different companies under the umbrella of the same corporation each required to apply independent membership application?

If your company name is different even under the same corporation you need to obtain the membership independently.

Once my company is admitted to VCCI will we have to make sure that all of our applicable products meet the technical requirements? (Is it permissible to ship non-conforming products as long as the VCCI mark is not displayed?)

It is member’s obligation to meet the VCCI standards as stipulated in RULES FOR VOLUNTARY CONTROL MEASURES. They cover conformity verification and filing, display of the VCCI mark on the product and in its manuals among others. So all of subjected products must meet the VCCI requirements.

Our company holds planning of new products development for the time being. If we temporarily stop the payment of VCCI membership fees (so our VCCI membership status becomes temporarily void) I understand we cannot file conformity verification report for new products, but is there any restriction on the past products filed to VCCI, for instance display of the VCCI mark on them is banned in this period?

There is no such concept as membership suspension period. Either you are or you are not a member of VCCI. We reject the acceptance of conformity verification reports while membership fee is not paid. Also we shall ask you not to display the VCCI mark on products already filed to VCCI as the deed violates the VCCI rules.

What merits will I enjoy if I become a member of VCCI?

If you obtain the membership of VCCI you can ship your ITE with the VCCI mark attached which demonstrates that the emission of disturbance from them is under control. Also you will have access to technical information and standards in the world regarding EMC.