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Please show us possible combinations of the indication of VCCI mark/statement on the equipment for the following instances – each of the brand distributer (marketing company), manufacturer and importer/system integrator is either a VCCI members or non-member.


<Explanation of the chart > In the case of displaying the name of the regular member (or popular name or a symbol which can identify the company) on the product, Article 10 of RULES FOR VOLUNTARY CONTROL MEASURES shall be observed.
* This rule can be exempted in case the approval of the brand distributer which is not a VCCI member is not obtained.

<Supplementary note> Please refer also to Article 9-4 of RULES FOR VOLUNTARY CONTROL MEASURES.
1) In the case that the brand distributer who attaches the brand name to the product is a regular VCCI member, either the brand distributer or instead the manufacture who is a VCCI regular member can file the product to VCCI in the capacity of a proxy.
2) A manufacture who is a VCCI regular member can register to VCCI multiple brand names on behalf of multiple brand distributers who are all VCCI regular members.
3) Even if the brand distributer is not a VCCI member, a manufacturer who is a VCCI regular member can register the product to VCCI provided that the name or symbol of the manufacture is displayed on the product and the brand distributer commits to share the responsibility for the product with the manufacturer. 4) Importers and system integrators are treated in the same fashion as the brand distributer above.
5) Only the VCCI regular members who filed the product, are allowed to change the filed information.
6) It is required to attach the VCCI mark on Class B ITE registered.
7) A registered Class A ITE shall have (1)the warning statement, (2)VCCI mark or (3)both the statement and the mark in a conspicuous spot on each Class A ITE.

Is it possible to file conformity verification report for the following 4 models in a batch?
1. They are the same product although different model names are given.
2. Company A will file them to VCCI.

Original manufacturer Brand distributer (sales company)
Company A Company B
Model name : A-01 Model name : B-01
Model name : A-02 Model name : B-02

Batch filing is possible because different brand distributers can be specified at the time of conformity verification reporting provided that both company A and company B are regular members of VCCI

I have a product whose back panel indicates the name of the original manufacturer and the front panel indicates trademark of the brand distributer. Question – Is it necessary for the brand distributer to become a regular member of VCCI?

Either the brand distributor or the original manufacturer must be a member of VCCI. The party registered as a VCCI member is responsible for filing conformity verification reports.

This question is about the case in which a brand marketing company who is a VCCI member is going to market products of a non VCCI member manufacturer under the brand of the marketing company. My question is, can the VCCI member process conformity verification filing for the non VCCI member?

The brand distributer (VCCI member) can file the conformity verification report provided that the brand distributer assumes the overall responsibility in cooperation of the original manufacturer.

How can I obtain the VCCI mark when I join VCCI?

You can download the mark in the specified format from the Members page of the VCCI site

Is it alright if I display the VCCI mark in the nameplate?

Yes, if the nameplate is in the place for easy recognition.

Is it allowed to display a VCCI mark on the body of an ITE using a resin mold based relief technique for example?

It is allowed as long as the mark can be easily legible with the naked eye.

We plan to market a product overseas as well as in the Japanese market without changing model/type of the product. Now my question is, will there be any problem with us shipping a product overseas with VCCI mark indicated on it?

VCCI mark has no effect in overseas. However, you can leave it as it is because there is no rule against the VCCI mark indicated on the product sold overseas.

Is there any specification for font type and color to display the VCCI mark and warning statements?

Please use camera-ready images available from the VCCI Website for the VCCI mark and warning statements. Please be reminded of the following rules applied for the use of them. Observe them as well as rules prescribed in Article 10 (Marking) of the Rules for Voluntary Control Measures
There is no specific restriction on fonts and colors as long as they are easily legible.
Ratio of vertical to horizontal sizes shall not be changed in scaling up or down the image of the VCCI mark. Also radius ratio of corners shall not be changed.

The size of a letter shall be larger than 2mm in principle.

I have a question about the wording of the warning statement for Class A ITE whose English translation goes “ This is a Class A product. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference, in which case the user may be required to take corrective actions.” Do I have to display this message letter by letter in Japanese as directed in the rule?

Use the same wording as given in the article 10 of Rules for Voluntary Control Measures. We suggest you use camera-ready images of the VCCI mark and warning statements downloadable from the “Members page” of the VCCI Website. However, the outer frame for the text may be omitted.

Do I need to affix the VCCI mark on a pedestal for portable PC which serves as AC adapter and battery charger using 100V AC power supply? The pedestal is shipped enclosed in the package of the product.

The VCCI mark need not to be displayed on the pedestal if it is affixed on the portable PC. But the PC in the state of being mounted on the pedestal supplying power must clear specified emission limits in the conformity verification test

My product goes with an optional wireless keyboard. Do I need to affix VCCI mark on this keyboard too?

If the keyboard is sold separately, its registration and the mark is needed (see item 4, Article 10, the RULES FOR VOLUNTARY CONTROL MEASURE)