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Will conformity verification test administered in the testing facilities of other companies be accepted by VCCI?

Yes, if the testing facility is the one registered to VCCI.

Is there any expiry date for the accepted conformity verification report?

There is no expiration date for the report accepted.

I have a new product which was derived from a product registered to VCCI in the past. Will you accept the application of the process of “change/addition”?

Please register the new product using (Change/Addition) process of the conformity reporting.

Is anybody allowed to access conformity verification reports?

The access is limited to the administrator of the report filing and the manager of report filing (person eligible to do file search) of VCCI member. All conformity verification information is treated “confidential.”

I would like to know the respective roles of “Responsible person”, “Contact person”, “Recipient of certificate of reporting” and “Reporting administrator”, which can be found in the Report of Compliance members-only page.

1. Responsible person: manager class person of the department that deals with applying product
2. Contact person: a person who submits a report of compliance
3. Recipient of certificate of reporting: Who would like to receive an email of report accepted.
4. Reporting administrator: One person per company who is an contact window, who receives an invoice of annual membership fee, is eneitled to be so. In reporting administrator page, there are “Report history” and “Report history(OEM” bottons. In report history page, a reporting administrator can see all reports submitted by his/her company. In report history(Oem) page, a reporting administrtor cvan see an information of his/her company’s Model No. submitted byother copany as OEM. These information is useful for managing products and Model No for internal procedure of your company.

We are going to phase out the production and marketing of a product for which the conformity verification report was accepted by VCCI.
(1) What will be the procedure we have to follow?
(2) Is our company held responsible for the retention of related VCCI documents?
(3) What will be the conditions we will have to follow if/when we commission the maintenance and services to other companies?

No action is needed on (1)
On (2) and (3) please keep the conformity verification report in your company. The retention period depends on the product life. This is required because it is possible that the conformity verification report will serve as an evidence if/when the product in the market is accused to have caused radio interference problem.

My company has made a decision to transfer the business on a product to another company. What should we do in terms of VCCI registration of the product?

Please take the following steps. (Procedure to transfer a product to another company)
If the “transfer-to” company is a VCCI member, then Start from Task [a]
If the “transfer-to” company is NOT a VCCI member, then start from Task [1]
[1]. Apply membership of “Transfer-to” company to VCCI
[2]. Pay VCCI membership fees, receive the receipt from VCCI and proceed with the following steps

[a]. “Transfer-from” company (the company which filed original conformity verification report on the product) to submit the following information in writing to VCCI
– The name of “transfer-to” company
– Model number of the filed product to be transferred and filing reception number
– The date of transfer
– Contact person of “transfer-to” company

With these tasks done VCCI moves the conformity verification report to the electronic list of filings as accessible by the new contact person and the responsible person (who is allowed to search the list) of “transfer-to” company without change. At the same time the filing is deleted from the list of “transfer-from” company.

[b]. Any changes to the information on “transferred-to” company thereafter will be electronically administrable by the new contact person.

I applied conformity verification reporting electronically, but I have not received the confirmation mail from VCCI.

Are you sure the email address of the person in charge of electronic application is correct? If it is correct please check Firewall set in your computer system as it may be blocking mails from VCCI.

How long will it take for me to receive a notice of the completion of conformity verification report filing?

Normally it should not take more than 4- 5 business days. However, it is recommendable to file the report with minimum 2 weeks allowance for possible interactions to clear up problems in the filed content.

When can I start shipment of the product, upon the reception of acknowledgement from VCCI to conformity verification reporting?

Yes, you are right. Please refer to 2. Acknowledgement of reception, Article 9. Registration of product conformity

I found an error in the conformity verification report filed and accepted. Can I ask VCCI to correct it?

Please submit conformity verification report (Add/Modify) with the column Reason for change “ XXX to YYY.”

I received acknowledgement email to conformity verification report filing. What about letter from VCCI on the reception acknowledgement? Will it be issued later?

No, it is not issued, but you can print it yourself in the following way. Press “Detail” button located at the side of the target transaction in the list of your account, and you will get “notice of reception” printed out.

Is it allowed for a testing site (supporting member) to assume the role of administrator?

A test site (lab) can become a receiving party of the acceptance email, but a lab is not eligible for performing the registration, as it is limited to regular members.